Gloucestershire Local Medical Committee

Supporting and representing the interests of over 600 GPs in Gloucestershire
by providing information, advice and mediation services

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The Gloucestershire LMC

The Gloucestershire Local Medical Committee (LMC) is an independent representative body for General Practitioners (GPs) and GP practices in the county of Gloucestershire, England.

We represent and support GPs in their dealings with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and other relevant organisations.

We recognise that the GP community is now diverse, consisting of partners, salaried GPs, part-timers and also Sessional GPs.

We would like to think our membership constitutes all variations of general practice, and we represent all GPs in Gloucestershire.

Our Role

  • Negotiating with local and national organisations on behalf of GPs and GP practices, to assist local health policy formation.
  • Providing advice and support to GPs and GP practices on a range of issues, such as contracts, regulations and legislation.
  • Representing GPs and GP practices on committees and forums that deal with healthcare issues in Gloucestershire.
  • Ensure GPs interests are represented in political and other settings.
  • Promoting good practice and high standards of care among GPs and GP practices in Gloucestershire.
  • Providing education and training opportunities for GPs and GP practices in Gloucestershire.
  • Assist practice with management issues.

The Gloucestershire LMC is made up of elected representatives who are local GPs. These representatives work closely with the LMC Executive team and LMC staff to ensure that the views and concerns of GPs and GP practices in Gloucestershire are heard and acted upon.

GP Safehouse

The General Practice Safe House is a virtual space providing a refuge and
place of support for everyone working in primary care.

LMC Buying Group

The Gloucestershire LMC is a member
of the LMC Buying Group